Smarter copier printer contracts

Smarter copier printer contracts

Smarter copier printer contractsSmarter copier printer contracts

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Christ Fellowship Church

"We would never have achieved our goal of leasing the highest quality production equipment while controlling overhead without engaging with Xippa – I would strongly recommend using their services as there is absolutely no downside." Deborah Sutton, CFO, Christ Fellowship Church.



"Xippa helped us position our RFP properly to get the final results we desired. We issued an RFP to 5 reputable vendors and decided on our vendor of choice. Xippa then took our best price we received from our vendor of choice and increased savings by 12%. Additionally we internally gained over 80 hours on the project by utilizing Xippa."



“We took the best proposals from our top three vendors and sent them to Xippa. Our goal was to lessen our involvement in the time-consuming process, in addition to getting additional cost savings. We saved 20 hours of time and over 40% in hard dollar cost. The Return on investment was immediate and Xippa took care of our needs by negotiating our final contract with our vendor of choice.” 



"Having done his research well, Rob was ready to enter the negotiation stage. But this is where he did something even more unique. He discovered an attorney who specializes in copier lease negotiations! He hired Wade Cascini with Xippa."