Contract and handshake


• Prior to signing a new contract, contact us for our services.

• Analyze your current situation. Most vendors will provide an analysis for you free of charge. Always get a lease and cash price regardless of how you will end up financing the transaction.

• Contact us during this time period so we can get you positioned for a fair contract: pricing and structure.

• We will send you a checklist to get from your vendor of choice and request that you send us all contractual documents you are being asked to sign.

• The process can drag out depending on the type of contract you are being asked to sign, negotiations required to elevate certain clauses and the willingness of the vendor to get you the required information. It is best to get us engaged early so your internal timelines are met.

• We will mutually agree upon all Cost Savings potentials so you know how much the savings will be and how much of those savings will be paid as fees.

• We will negotiate the contract with your vendor of choice as part of our service offering.